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Clear Solutions

With a sharp focus on the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare industries, we are devoted to creating and delivering transformational solutions to our clients to benefit patients around the world.

  • Jun 2–6

    ASCO Annual Meeting

    Chicago, IL

    BFG Attendees:

    • Kristine Lemke, Principal Consultant
    • Shalin Shah, Principal Consultant
    Event Info
  • Jun 26–29

    O’Reilly AI Conference

    New York, NY

    BFG Attendees:

    • Jason Bogroff, Principal Consultant
    Event Info
  • Jul 24–25

    4th Annual Specialty Network and Channel Optimization Summit

    Philadelphia, PA

    BFG Attendees:

    • John Cervione, Managing Partner Speaker

    Managing Partner John Cervione will lead an expert panel with a focus on how IDNs are streamlining care coordination to ensure integrated and comprehensive care for patients with complex conditions.

    Use code SPEAKER for a $100 discount on program registration.

    Event Info
  • Aug 16–17

    Partnering with IDNs BioPharma Strategy Summit

    Philadelphia, PA

    BFG Attendees:

    • Bill Roth, Founding Partner Speaker
    Event Info

Andy Pulvermacher

Principal Consultant

Andy’s passion for new science shines through. He believes strongly in improving market access for patients and optimizing the care in coordination with the healthcare team.

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