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Recently I met with Patti Peeples, CEO and Founder of HealthEconomics.Com, to discuss how Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Specialty Pharmacies are ‘going smart’ instead of ‘going big’ when thinking about data, analytics and contractual requirements.

Our industry is starting to concentrate on data management, data requirements and ultimately, what business decisions are going to be made if we have access to data in near- or real-time. Currently, manufacturers and service providers share data in standard formats like EDI with distributors and retail pharmacies and continue to utilize ‘flat files’, Microsoft Excel and other variations of data formats.

“If you have seen one file layout, you have seen one file layout.”

This complexity leads to quality issues, control challenges and gaps in data completion that must be managed by both the sending and receiving party. We need an approach that starts with the business rationale and a mutual understanding of the data needs and performance requirements, followed by a list of the data elements required to support the business needs. We have heard it before: Less is definitely more in the specialty data space.

The conversation on this evolving topic was captured as a Podcast on the Connected Community section of the HealthEconomics.Com website. Please take a few minutes to listen to the conversation and I welcome your feedback and comments below.



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  1. Great podcast. Was nice to hear you recognize the independent pharmacies for their ability to customize data reporting to the unique needs of each medication. Less is definitely more, as long as the data reporting is strategic and tailored.

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