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Attending the CBI HUB and SPP Model Optimization Conference

It’s such an amazing time to be working in healthcare from a market access, and more broadly, a commercialization perspective. We are seeing more and more innovative and transformative medicines come to market in therapeutic areas where such treatment did not exist before. We are seeing diseases that were once death sentences become chronic diseases with effective therapies for management.

At the same time, we can’t ignore the issues that we as an industry are facing head on, specifically with the barriers to access that patients face. Some of these barriers include the sheer high costs of treatment and related financial toxicities, and the emotional and psychosocial stresses a patient may face. As a result, we see poor adherence and high abandonment rates in several therapeutic areas.

At the same time, our healthcare providers are undergoing fundamental shifts in the ways they practice medicine (think MACRA). With the shift towards value based care and the advent of alternate payment models (think of the patient centered medical home or the CMS Oncology Care Model as an examples), providers are being forced to provide more services, provide more holistic care and care coordination, report on quality metrics more, and frankly, take on more risk.

And while we observe innovative and transformative medicines come to market, the science is only as effective as the services wrapped around it. Patient and Provider Support Services or “HUBs” are one way manufacturers can help address the above issues. Whatever the services are, whether it’s related to physical access, co-pay support, alternative funding, psychosocial support, caregiver resources, reimbursement support, or transportation assistance as a few examples, it’s important for a manufacturer to have a HUB strategy that is PRODUCT SPECIFIC. A strategy that:

  • is sound and based on solid market research and real world evidence where possible
  • embodies a thorough understanding of the patient and provider journey
  • complements the product’s distribution channel and data strategy

I’ll be at the CBI HUB and SPP Model Optimization conference today and tomorrow in Philadelphia, PA, and I look forward to the dialogue, specifically around innovative strategies manufacturers and service providers are employing to help address the above issues.




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