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Attending the sPCMA Business Forum

As I head to Orlando, FL this week to attend the sPCMA Business Forum, an old proverb comes to mind: there’s a first time for everything. It is hard to believe that over the course of more than twenty-three years contributing to the life sciences industry, I have never attended this particular conference before.  We all know how fast time flies by with competing priorities such as launching a product, facilitating a stakeholder focus group, navigating through a merger or acquisition, executing a technology solution implementation, or being home for our child’s school performance or a family / friend milestone birthday.  I am excited to finally have the opportunity to join more than 1,300 industry colleagues to discuss the key topics on all of our minds with regard to innovative specialty medicines such as: the new political landscape; current trends in the U.S. pharmaceutical market; the drug pricing debate; biosimilars; pharmacy networks; the shifting landscape of specialty pharmacy business models; and medication adherence challenges and solutions, to list just a few. And of course I will be in the front row at the “Orphan and Rare Disease Products and Exclusive Pharmacy Networks” session to support my colleagues who are presenting, Bill Roth and Phyllis Kidder.

Across the two-day event, I look forward to connecting with long-time friends, colleagues and clients. I would love to hear key takeaways from people at the conference – whether it is their first time attending or their “umpteenth” time at the conference.  I am curious to learn if it’s your first time at the conference, why did you choose to attend this year?  If it’s your umpteenth time at the conference, what compels you to return each year, investing precious time and energy? And I always love to hear “the why” behind each of us continuing to choose to contribute to this life-changing industry we are all so passionate about.  Please comment below!

Best wishes to everyone for a productive conference in sunny Florida…



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