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John Cervione, Managing Partner, Blue Fin Group, is leading a panel to “Establish Partnerships with IDNs to Streamline Care Coordination” at the World Congress event on July 24 and 25, also attended by Jennifer Hamilton, Partner, Blue Fin Group.

Inherent challenges in the commercialization of a specialty product can seem daunting to manufacturer organizations. And getting a specialty medicine to appropriate patients can register even more of a challenge.  Therefore, it is more critical than ever to understand the evolving market place and the evolution of specialty pharmacies within Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) as the reach of specialty medicines and the patient populations who use them increases.

Many hospitals and health systems are integrating specialty pharmacy services within their organizations to deliver more integrated and comprehensive care for patients with complex conditions. As the industry continues to see more vertical integration and consolidation take place, health systems are influencing manufacturer channel strategies and requests to participate in limited networks are on the rise.  The end goal is for appropriate patients to have access to innovative therapies prescribed by their healthcare providers.  To achieve this, a manufacturer must develop and flawlessly execute an end-to-end and integrated product commercialization strategy.

Blue Fin Group is skilled at developing commercialization strategies that utilize components across the five “P’s” relating to the commercialization process:  product, patient, prescriber, payer and pharmacy.  We have assisted many manufacturer clients in developing commercialization strategies for launching oral, injectable and infused products for orphan and ultra-orphan patient populations.  And as IDNs are rapidly becoming key pharmaceutical stakeholders, it is crucial for manufacturers to understand how these networks influence physician prescribing choices and patient treatment.  Blue Fin Group Managing Partner John Cervione brings together three key IDNs on a panel at the Specialty Network Design and Optimization Summit today in Philadelphia to share their business strategies and plans to drive growth, and ways they want to partner with manufacturers. We’ll provide key take-aways from this session in a future blog post.



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