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Heading to the ASCO Annual Meeting 2018

This year marks my third consecutive year attending this amazing conference of 40,000+ attendees. And every year it has proven to be transformative in terms of science and clinical advances for oncology professionals from around the world there to discuss state-of-the-art treatment modalities, new therapies, and ongoing developments in the field.

Having focused much of my professional energy over the last few years helping oncology manufacturers ensure product access to patients and providing the appropriate set of services to support those patients and their providers, one thing that really sticks out to me is the evolving commercial model and the external environment manufacturers today must navigate.

Simply said, what worked three years ago does not work today and it is a very arduous task for manufacturers launching their first product in this therapeutic area. Patient journey and patient experience are no longer just “buzz words.” They need to be embodied and personified in the people leading the charge, the go-to market models we develop, and by our service provider partners. If this is the mindset our industry can adopt, it will position us much more strongly to navigate the complex healthcare environment today.

Additionally, now more than ever, there is a need to collaborate with external stakeholders. Whether it’s a payer or a plan sponsor or an IDN – we all need to collaborate in order to get it right for the patients.  We owe it to our patients and we owe it to this amazing science being developed to do our very best and ensure that no stone is unturned as we go about seeking better therapies and enhanced patient journeys.

I’m excited to be in Chicago this week to continue to learn about all the clinical advances on the horizon, but I’m most excited about discussing how to get the commercial model right and move the needle of patient access forward.




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