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Specialty Patient Continuity

Specialty Patient Continuity is often blocked by bureaucracy and risk aversion, but progress is now moving at light-speed, creating unimaginable opportunities. Join Kristine Lemke, Senior Principal, who will moderate an expert life sciences specialty panel as they discuss “Specialty Patient Continuity in a New Era of Opportunities” on Thursday, June 11 at 1pm EST.  Register here:

About Kristine Lemke: Kristine is an accomplished pharmaceutical industry executive with significant experience in leading projects and high performing teams. Her hands-on experience within the pharmaceutical/oncology industry encompasses a breadth of functional areas and responsibilities including business unit leadership, product launch, marketing management / marketing strategy, sales management and market research. 

A certified Six Sigma black belt, throughout her career Kristine has demonstrated a skill for critically assessing market issues, identifying key opportunities and developing effective strategies to optimize business objectives.

About Help Around: Helparound aims to help chronic patients and their support systems, overwhelmed by a life-changing condition, to simplify the day-to-day of managing treatment by delivering the information and support resources they need, when they need them, through their smartphones.



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