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Welcome to the Blue Fin Group Information Library. Our consultants regularly publish white papers, case studies and articles, lead workshops, deliver speaking engagements, and share opinions on topics of interest to decision makers in the healthcare industry.

You don’t become an industry leader without having alot to say—click on the video vignettes below to hear our expert’s perspectives on a range of topics.

Blue Fin Group is often sought out as an expert commentator by industry publications — featuring our latest thinking and timely insights on the issues that matter most to the healthcare industry.

Blue Fin Group keeps a lens trained on many facets of the healthcare industry, and our white papers focus on singular topics that are relevant and timely.  Known for our out-of-the-box thinking, these insights provide a deeper dive or different viewpoint from what others in the industry provide.

Case studies that show the transformation from challenge to solution.  Each one details the existing situation, Blue Fin Group’s unique approach, the solution deployed, and the results achieved on behalf of the client. At Blue Fin Group, we deliver Deep Knowledge.  Powerful Results.

Deep knowledge, unique insights and powerful perspectives focused on the healthcare industry, provided by Blue Fin Group associates.

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How Deeply Do I Need to Understand My Patients?

Who will be my future patients?  What are the signals of a patient ready for my product?  Who will likely be compliant and stay on therapy?  Who will not?  Why will Rxs not get converted to starts?  Why will patients discontinue?  These questions are all fair game but they require varying degrees of patient longitudinal […]

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Owning the Disease Part 2: Application of the Model to Type 2 Diabetes

In 2016 there are 29 million people in the US living with type 2 diabetes and another 89 million with prediabetes[i] [ii]  The average US lifetime direct medical costs of treating these type 2 diabetes patients and their diabetic complications is $85,200.[iii]  That is $2.45 trillion in lifetime direct medical costs associated with type 2 […]

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A New Approach to Prevention … A Pound of Cure for US Healthcare

The Business Problem – We Are Missing Large Pieces of the Prevention Puzzle in US healthcare A recent article in JAMA (Making Physical Activity Counseling a Priority in Clinical Practice: The Time for Action Is Now) recommended activities for healthcare professionals (HCP) to adopt in clinical practice to drive healthy lifestyle changes in their patients[i].  The […]

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