Connecting Products to Patients Through Precise Commercialization

We are a full service management consulting firm with skills in research, strategy and implementation.


Our research capabilities provide clients with tailored contemporary intelligence on the life sciences industry. Among the types of insights we deliver are: primary and secondary research, advisory boards, seminars, summits, environmental scans, article and white paper development, insights sessions, and custom research efforts with read-outs.


We deliver highly actionable plans that align tightly to brand objectives that are meant to evolve over 1-5 years. We tell clients not to tell us we did a good job on the project or even in the first year, but rather tell us whether the 5 year was a success. It takes knowing the client, knowing the industry and having the vision for what will unfold for both. We have been doing this since 2001.


The best designs aren’t worth anything if the idea cannot be implemented. We build client strategies and solutions with the idea that our clients will implement or manage on their own, but that’s not always possible due to clients skills, bandwidth or time constraints. Blue Fin Group is happy to help. We have robust implementation methodologies that keep commercial teams aligned and focused on execution - even under rapid go-to-market conditions.

Who We Help

Our primary clients are pharmaceutical manufacturers that are either commercializing their first asset or large global firms with products that span Cell and Gene Therapies, Orphan/Rare, Specialty, Primary Care, Vaccines, Biosimilars, and Generics.

Because of our breadth and depth servicing over 300 clients, including 29 of the top 30 pharmaceutical manufacturers many channels such as pharmacies and health plans and vendors such as patient services and data and technology providers, work with us to help them refine business models and messaging.

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Pharmaceutical manufacturers struggle with their silos in marketing, market access, field sales, pharmacy and distribution and patient services. This is a legacy from the days of commercializing products in primary care when science was developed for unmet needs, share of voice was what drove demand, patients had simple and affordable copays, product was available at every corner pharmacy and products didn’t need to have elaborate support services. In the world of Specialty, none of this is the case. Patient populations are small. Costs of products are higher. Payer barriers are intense. Physical access is limited and patients need special services that pharmacy cannot afford to provide.

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Healthplans, pharmacies, group purchasing organizations, distributors and providers sometimes struggle to understand how their models can help or hinder patient access. These pharmaceutical channels come to Blue Fin Group to understand an insiders view of pharma so they can refine their models and messaging.

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Service Providers

Similar to channels, services providers such as data and technology providers, logistics companies, and patient services vendors all want to understand how their service can work to benefit the pharmaceutical manufacturer and patient experience. Emerging pharma companies continue to rely on these vendors to provide solutions to help optimize commercial strategies.

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Investment Community

The private equity industry will often invest in either channels or service providers and need to understand the markets, models and approaches to optimize the success of their portfolio companies. As an expert in business model assessment and development, Blue Fin Group has worked with many private equity firms when considering a new investment or working to optimize an existing portfolio company.

Meet Our Team
of  Industry Experts

Blue Fin Group employees are skilled across marketing, field sales, market access, pharmacy and distribution, pricing and policy and patient services. We have a perfect mix of scientists, healthcare professionals and business leaders skilled in professional management consulting. We consult because we want to help as many pharmaceutical companies as possible bring science to market in order for patients to have affordable access.

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Our Customers
Love What We Do

“I really appreciated the deliberate, disciplined approach you brought to our methods and the team in general,and your calm demeanor during many of the sessions helped to keep us focused on the goal at hand. ”
Sr. Director of Pharmacy and Distribution
Top 30 Pharma Manufacturer
“Thank you Blue Fin Team for all of your support with our distribution and access strategies! We wouldn't be here without your help!”
Chief Commercial Officer
Mid-size Biotechnology Company
“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the many years of hard work, education, partnership, support, therapy, career coaching, and friendship. I honestly could not have put this whole operation in order without you. You have been patient, kind, and at the same time strong coaches. I couldn’t have asked for better partners.”
Vice President, Channel Strategy and Patient Support Programs
“It was a pleasure to work with you to develop the distribution & channel strategy for our product. We particularly appreciated your expertise in the rare disease space, knowledge of exclusive distribution models, your thought partnership as we moved forward with tough decisions and your alignment with our patient focus. We look forward to continuing our partnership.”
Senior Strategy Manager
Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
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