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How to Engineer a Market-Wide Longitudinal Patient Database

A recent blog post described some of the business questions that can be answered by creating a market-wide longitudinal patient database.  PHI de-identification is the key enabler for market-wide longitudinal patient integrity, and this blog post will expand on this theme.  We’ll look at two scenarios that can enable a market-wide longitudinal patient database.

The first scenario utilizes the specialty data aggregation and PHI de-identification (de-id) capabilities of the syndicated data provider that is the source of the pharmacy and medical claims data.  There are multiple syndicated data providers that sell claims data and also specialty data aggregation / PHI de-id services.  The syndicated data providers apply their own proprietary PHI de-id algorithms to the claims data because many of the manufacturer use cases require longitudinal patient integrity within these claims data products.  By applying their same PHI de-id algorithms to specialty pharmacy and patient support provider (hub) data, the longitudinal patient integrity is ensured for patients that are common in the claims database and the specialty pharmacy data.

The second scenario utilizes a specialty data aggregator that is different than the claims data provider.  In this scenario the specialty pharmacy and hub data are first de-identified by the claims data provider before the data is forwarded to the specialty data aggregator for normalization and quality control.  This scenario enables the specialty data aggregation services to be provided by any of the many vendors in that competitive market, instead of being limited to those services from syndicated data providers.

This idea of a market-wide longitudinal patient database can be extended beyond claims data and specialty pharmacy data.  It can also include EMR data, data from copay providers, and socio-economic attribute data.

The next blog in this series will look at the analytics necessary to unlock the meaning from such a powerful database.



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