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Attending AMCP’s Annual Meeting in Denver, CO

As I write this, I am on my way to the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy’s Annual Meeting in the Mile High city.  This is my second year attending the event as a Blue Fin Group consultant.  Last year, I had been at Blue Fin Group for just a week, so I primarily had the perspective of my former position, leading account management teams in the pharmaceutical industry and as a managed care pharmacist.  However, this year, with an entire year of consulting experience “under my belt”, I am attending with an enhanced perspective, since I am now working across the industry with many pharmaceutical companies, specialty pharmacies, IDNs and payers across both the medical and pharmacy benefit.   I am excited to be at AMCP this year with my broader lens, and to learn more from my peers and the many continuing education sessions.  I am also truly looking forward to the general session where the speaker is Derreck Kayongo, a Ugandan refugee who is now Founder of the Global Soap Project & CEO of the Center for Civil and Human Rights.  I am sure his presentation will be inspiring and motivational.

As a long time AMCP member, I always look forward to this meeting as an opportunity to learn something new, re-connect with former colleagues, see old friends and meet new people.  Please share your thoughts on the meeting and reach out if you would like to connect.  I look forward to seeing you in Denver.




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