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Partnering with IDNs BioPharma Strategy Summit

One of my earliest lessons as a Pharmacist was bestowed within my first week of training; always begin with the end in mind. It’s a lesson that transcends work, family, and hobby and is immediately applicable to the common situations of life.

As we evaluate our Health Care Ecosystem, it’s painfully apparent that disconnects and silos to care are more prevalent than the continuity that we all strive for. The revenues which fueled the system under Fee for Service models have ultimately created a dyssynchronous flow of data and patient services which serve as the foundation of payment model reforms and risk-based contracting. These limitations also serve as a constriction point for patient care, complicating the system beyond the patient’s ability to navigate and seek care. As a time that we struggle with the rapid evolution of science and transformative potential of new medicines, we still are at odds with the basic principle of right patient, right treatment, right time.

As a result, the mindset of providers needs to shift from thinking of healthcare in distinct points to a continuum. Patient management under the Population Health model cannot be defined by “I’ve got this” attitudes and needs to be framed based on the informed creation of strategic partnerships. Through strategic and defined partnerships, we can deliver improved patient care services as the care of patients becomes increasingly virtual and segmented based on product or payer access. Networks and partnerships have become a fundamental need of our marketplace, and as someone who grew up professionally within an IDN, also needed to rationalize the when, why, and how around them.

Partnerships reflect equally on both parties, and failures on behalf of patients reflect poorly on all of us. I’m excited to present at the CBI Partnering with IDNs BioPharma Strategy Summit and hope to reinforce that the model has shifted before our eyes again. My presentation focuses on how the model has changed, how attitudes about partnerships need to follow suit, and how drug distribution models and networks will become more complicated as we enter this challenging new time. Even the biggest kids in the sandbox need to learn how to play with the others, and we need to identify where and when partnerships and care coordination with external providers is necessary to keep the focus where it belongs: on the patient. Risk-based contracting and Real World Evidence won’t be possible until we refocus our efforts on driving patient therapeutic outcomes and leverage the data behind it. I look forward to exploring the potential and promise of what a good partnership looks like, with expectation that we’ll all learn important lessons along the way.

Hope to see you in Philadelphia at the CBI Partnering with IDNs BioPharma Strategy Summit and encourage everyone to consider the importance of designing strategy and strategic partnerships with the end goal in mind.



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  1. Good stuff Andy! I’m bummed I’ll miss the Philly event but know you’ll knock it out of the park in your presentation.

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