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Will We Finally Solve the IDN Puzzle?  Getting Ready for CBI’s Partnering with IDNs Biopharma Strategy Summit

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) are descending upon Philadelphia this week  to discuss how we’ve moved the ball down the field in terms of the IDN model evolution and manufacturer engagement. I’m reinvigorated to take on this challenge of helping to unite our fragmented healthcare ecosystem.  This conference has been a great platform that brings together thought leaders from pharma, consulting and hospitals/health systems all trying to answer the same question – how do we all work together to make the commercial patient journey work more like the clinical journey so we can unlock better outcomes?

Why is the IDN the one to work with to answer this question?  The simple answer is that this one site of care has visibility to the full patient journey. To the IDN it’s a patient, not a prescription. Arguably, the pharmacy sees a piece of the journey at best.  Even payers see the patient through a medical benefit or prescription benefit lens. The limitations of other models only serve to restrict patient care, complicating the system beyond the patient’s ability to navigate and receive the care that they need. But the concept of integrated care delivery has been around for some time now –  why have we still not figured this out?

Knowing where to start and how to execute is at the core of success. Only through strategic and defined partnerships can we deliver improved care services as patient care becomes increasingly virtual and segmented based on product or payer access. Networks and partnerships have become a fundamental requirement of the marketplace and we need to rationalize the when, why, and how around them.  At Blue Fin Group, we have seen many different approaches and models for biopharma-IDN collaboration, but to date few have been flexible enough to meet the uniqueness and diversity of these complex customers.  Ultimately, ROI is questioned and these programs are mothballed or significantly downsized.

In our presentation this week, we contend that the fundamental issue hasn’t been the design of the collaboration model, but rather in the execution.  Partnership programs are often internally focused and subsequently “pushed” out to each IDN, despite vast differences in network capabilities and care delivery processes.  Our presentation will focus on 3 key points to support execution of successful biopharma-IDN collaborations:

  1. Organizational Alignment of Objectives (and expectation management)
  2. Comprehensive Profiling to Evaluate Priorities, Structure & Capabilities
  3. Alignment of Opportunities to Objectives (finding the Venn Diagram for both parties)

Hope to see you at the CBI Partnering with IDNs BioPharma Strategy Summit as we encourage everyone to consider the importance of turning strategy into executable strategic partnerships.  Here’s to making this the year we all figure it out!




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