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Rare Disease Day 2020

On Rare Disease Day 2020, we acknowledge the more than 7,000 rare diseases impacting approximately 30 million American patients and roughly 300 million patients worldwide.  Rare Disease Day is meant to remind us all that despite the amazing scientific discovery, product approvals and commercialization of new therapies, there remains a high unmet medical need in orphan and rare disease.  We stand united to admire the perseverance, courage and unwavering commitment of patients, families, caregivers, providers and scientists that fight each day for change.

Identification of orphan and rare disease causes and therapeutic approaches to arrest disease remains a daunting and complex challenge in our industry.  Pinpointing, developing and testing new advanced modalities of treatment and the commercialization requirements of new products to address orphan and rare disease remains a rigorous and demanding pursuit, even for the finest minds in our industry.

At Blue Fin Group, we respect and stand in observance of Rare Disease Day this February 29th.  But more critical for us is working hard the other 364 days of the year to develop innovative solutions to support the science of new drug discovery and commercialization of orphan and rare disease therapies in the pursuit of eliminating the 7,000 rare diseases affecting patients.  It remains our inspiration, our motivation, and our focus to enable pharmaceutical drug development, defend the innovation of new science, and define the commercial solutions for new products to address the needs of all orphan and rare disease patients around the world.



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