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Formulary and Access 2020

What does “innovative” pricing and contracting really mean? It is a topic that has been long debated by Pricing and Market Access professionals and within Managed Markets and is gaining more traction with the increasing cost of therapies.

Although we are all working virtually due to the pandemic, our world in Market Access is certainly not standing still. As it is more important than ever to find ways to stay connected, updated, and educated on the latest trends in Market Access, Phyllis Kidder, Partner at Blue Fin Group is excited to be attending the 6th Annual Formulary and Access 2020 Virtual Conference starting July 27th

“I am particularly interested in the session on Innovative Pricing and Contracting Models to understand how payer expectations are evolving, especially for those of the newer high-priced products, and some potential CMS changes that may make this approach more feasible.”  ~ Phyllis Kidder, Partner, Blue Fin Group

We look forward to sharing key learnings from this session, and how Blue Fin Group can help you navigate the payer Market Access landscape through innovative pricing and contracting strategies.

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Do you feel payers have figured out how to apply “innovative” pricing and contracting models to manage products on their formulary?



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