Case Studies

Channel Strategy


A top 15 US-based Pharmaceutical manufacturer was concerned that their channel strategy was too tactical was not complementing the vision for how pharmacies, clinics, distributors and regulators were evolving.


Blue Fin Group’s objective on this engagement was to ensure the client had a) plan that provided long term support of the client’s revenue and cost objectives and b) created short term strategic and financial gains and c) could evolve with the anticipated change in the channels including factoring for the need for ongoing acquisition and use of data, analytics, and certain pharmacy outlets interested in working more directly with the manufacturer.


As Blue Fin Group has conducted over 100 channel strategy engagements across a wide spectrum of emerging to large manufacturers, we were able to provide unique insight in the opportunity to optimize for short term wins and to develop a long-term plan that was supported by Managed Markets, Field, and Trade Sales as well as upper management.  The plan has been in place for over 7 years and has unlocked over $750 million in value and has been replicated for success in select European markets.

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