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Commercial Business Transformation: A Pragmatic, Implementable Strategy


A major pharmaceutical manufacturer identified the need to approach its customers with a more unified set of product offerings crossing multiple sectors of the healthcare marketplace. This would require not only changes in product and brand strategy, but changes to the company’s approach to contracting and pricing. The vision incorporated nearly every patient touch point, from diagnosis through treatment and would necessitate contracting and pricing strategy and operations across branded and generic pharmaceuticals, as well as device and diagnostics. To achieve this vision, the manufacturer needed to evaluate the policies, processes, organization and data across its various business units and build a foundational common framework for contract development, administration and performance evaluation. Upon this foundation, healthcare solution development, delivery and measurement capabilities would be constructed providing executives and operational personnel the tools necessary to transform the organization.


Blue Fin Group resources engaged with the client to guide them through the transformation from separate business units to an integrated entity capable of preserving key product area differentiators while achieving operational synergies. Our partners led the effort to understand the current state of contract development and evaluation across the enterprise, identify and appropriately apply best practices strategically and operationally, and align executives and stakeholders on the changes necessary to achieve the benefits of a realized vision. They developed, managed and executed the roadmaps to implement the future state. Our work spanned all areas of the business including Managed Markets, Commercial and Trade Operations, Marketing and Sales, Supply Chain and Distribution, Customer Service Operations and Health Policy & Market Access.


Blue Fin provided a solution design enabling the manufacturer to address the unique contracting elements of each business unit while leveraging synergies and common process where appropriate. The solution included a comprehensive governance structure and process, as well as analytics and processes for the periodic measurement of contract and pricing strategy effectiveness. A solution roadmap and business case provided the expected cost of solution implementation by phase, as well as an expected benefit of over $100 million through process consolidation, reduced error rates and improved contracting ROI.

The Blue Fin Group Difference

Focused and efficient execution: Blue Fin Group utilized its breadth of knowledge in contracting and pricing across all client business segments to allow emphasis on its proven methodology. Activities conducted throughout the engagement remained focused on achieving the strategic vision instead of learning the business aspects of Life Sciences contracting. The Blue Fin team quickly learned the distinctive aspects of each business segment and facilitated working sessions that allowed client team members from across separate business units to agree upon the optimal process and solution components.

Stakeholder buy-in: A critical driver of success was the attainment of buy-in at all levels across the client’s business units. Blue Fin Group facilitated this process by developing effective communication of the project objectives throughout the organization. Key stakeholders were cross-trained across all business units so that they attained a thorough understanding of, and appreciation for, unique business unit needs and the power of the integrated entity operating under a common contracting approach.

Pragmatic, implementable strategy: Unlike many consulting firms, Blue Fin Group’s strategic plans are implementable; and are developed with the foresight to adapt to the changing dynamics of the healthcare marketplace. Once agreed to by executive leadership, the client used the business case and roadmap developed by our team to take the first steps of implementation immediately, losing no time to rework.

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