Case Studies

Data Insights and Analytics


A top 5 US-based Pharmaceutical manufacturer was concerned that their collection and use of data was inconsistent across their organizational silos with significant gaps in consistency, completeness and timeliness. They were also concerned of data quality relative to the full view of transactions from ex-factory to Rx consumption.


Blue Fin Group’s objective on this engagement was to ensure the client had a) a holistic view of their data and gaps across the commercial enterprise and b) an understanding of how this data could be used to drive further benefit to forecasting, sales operations, brand management, market research, managed markets, field sales, trade sales, finance, contracts, and customer service.


Blue Fin Group’s solution included a very pragmatic approach to data that benefited EACH of the departments as well as the enterprise as a whole.  We were able to provide unique and unbiased perspective on Third-party data, Distributor Data, Claims Data, Chargeback data, and proprietary format specialty Channel Data sets.  As the only truly vendor-neutral consultancy in the industry, the client was very satisfied with the objective and phased solution and is implementing changes to the data elements and the surrounding business processes currently.

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