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Commercial Stakeholder Mapping – Blueprinting for Success

Date Posted: 09.14.2021
Blue Fin Group an IntegriChain Company

A top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturer was preparing to launch a complex oncology combination regimen with two novel agents. Being faced with several unique commercial challenges, the client approached Blue Fin Group to begin the commercial product planning process by understanding the products’ unique stakeholder journey and early commercial implications of the buying process.

Client Challenge

This critical product launch presented several unique challenges for the client across sight of care strategy, anticipated payer management, and physician buy and bill preferences. Secondly, the client was relatively new to specialty oncology and the drug class itself. All these unknowns created a perfect storm for a potential launch failure.

Blue Fin Solution

Blue Fin Group leveraged its deep industry knowledge and proprietary methodology to align the team around a commercial oncology stakeholder journey map. Given the situation, we recommended the team begin commercial launch planning with a clear understanding of the potential buying process that lays out the role and influence of each stakeholder on the treatment journey and their interdependencies.

Our team conducted robust primary research while leveraging existing research provided by the client to develop a holistic commercial stakeholder journey map that laid out not just the clinical patient journey, but also integrated the physical flow of commercial product along with the provider and payer journeys. The holistic commercial stakeholder journey map then served as a blueprint for launch planning for the individual commercial functions.

Results And Benefit

Blue Fin Group’s thoughtful and detail oriented market research helped discover nuances in the potential treatment journey that the client team had not envisioned. The unraveling of key aspects of the treatment journey led to significant changes in the client team’s initial assumptions for launch planning. Blue Fin Group identified site of care strategy as a critical commercial enabler for launch, which created a domino effect in terms of implications to other functional strategies such as Marketing, Sales, Trade & Distribution, Market Access and Patient Services strategies. Blue Fin Group delivered to the client a clear roadmap for their broad commercialization efforts with guidance for a 5 year multigenerational strategic plan that evolved as the oncology product gained additional indication approvals.

Eventually, the client requested additional guidance to support the development of functional level launch strategies and tactics thereby leveraging the full spectrum of our launch support services and critical go to market implementation.