Our Culture


We set out to redefine what it meant to be a management consulting firm. Having hired consultants ourselves throughout our corporate careers, we wanted to create a model that had the best methodologies that were on par with larger firms, yet the deep intrinsic industry knowledge that is missing in these same firms. When you join the team at Blue Fin Group, you join a team that is extremely passionate about the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Due to our matrix organizational structure and the absence of practice areas, all associates have the opportunity to work across the spectrum of commercialization, product archetypes and therapeutic areas. The variety of projects the team is exposed to provides the opportunity to work with tenured colleagues. This blend provides the respect for our highly regulated industry while welcoming fresh ideas and new perspectives in the pharmaceutical and life sciences ecosystem.

We are devoted to our team’s success and offer professional development backed with a proven methodology for a lifetime of learning and growth

A Day in the Life

Kerri Fortier

Kerri Fortier
Principal Consultant

Being a Principal Consultant at Blue Fin Group comes with an incredible amount of flexibility in how you are able to custom tailor your career. There’s a common phrase that you’ll hear at BFG, where you are encouraged to “run with scissors”. I am constantly encouraged to dive deep into something that I am passionate about, or reach out to one of my colleagues to gain a deeper understanding of any number of topics. With a constantly evolving healthcare landscape, having the brightest and most collaborative people on your team is an incredible asset, which provides incalculable opportunity for individual enrichment and development.

“I get excited when a new project opportunity comes to us, and I get to be a part of the team to demonstrate why Blue Fin Group is the perfect partner. And even more powerful – is the feeling once that project is completed, when you get to see how the work that you’ve done will have a positive impact on patients and your client.”

– Kerri Fortier
Brett Casper

Brett Casper
Principal Consultant

At Blue Fin Group you are immediately empowered to leverage your knowledge to bring value for clients. With the firm’s expertise across all areas of commercialization, you are consistently working on a wide variety of projects with a collaborative team that spans areas of distribution and dispensing, policy and pricing, patient and provider support, market access, brand strategy and planning, etc. With each client engagement, you not only provide insights and considerations based on your experience, but you are also constantly challenged to broaden your knowledge and expertise into new areas. Client work spans a wide variety of therapeutic areas and manufacturer types, and you find yourself regularly presenting to and collaborating with your key decision-makers – including those in the C-suite.

“Blue Fin Group is a team unlike any other I have experienced. The subject matter expertise across all areas of commercialization is unmatched, and as a part of the team you learn quickly and are empowered to bring high-impact solutions to clients.”

– Brett Casper

Key Benefits

All of our employees work from home!

At Blue Fin Group, our associates enjoy many key benefits that sets us apart from others. Our goal is to support our associates holistically – in the facets of their lives that take place outside of work as well. A virtual firm since our inception, we have a range of connectivity initiatives to keep our associates engaged and interacting with one another, regardless of location or project team assignments.

Competitive Benefits Package

We offer a competitive benefits package that includes medical, dental, and vision coverage for all associates and their families. Our Safe Harbor 401k plan is operated by a leading asset manager and includes robust investing tools, planning and advice.

Family Leave

Our Family Leave allows new parents to take time off from work to focus on what matters — establishing family time and caring for their new arrival.

Health & Wellness Program

Our Health & Wellness plan allows for reimbursement of approved items in support of associates’ pursuit of health and wellness outside of the office, including gym memberships, yoga classes, massages and more.

Routine Live Team Meetings

Although Blue Fin Group has operated in a fully remote work from home model since inception, we value our live human connections. Blue Fin Group hosts an all-hands meeting three times a year to engage associates in social activities, as well as specialized trainings, business updates and development programs. We travel to top destinations and enjoy what the locations have to offer once our workday is done!

FINgerprint Mentor

Every new associate joining the firm is assigned a seasoned consultant to assist in transitioning to life at Blue Fin Group. We utilize a structured program that allows employees to engage with their mentor for personalized advice and counseling.

On-Boarding Training Program

Once an associate has committed to joining Blue Fin Group, our world-class training program begins. A customized training passport is developed with over 40 training modules to orient the new team member to Blue Fin Group, our processes and workflows, and industry insights. This leads to quicker and more successful staffing on key projects.


Blue Fin is always looking for talented and highly educated professionals that have a desire to help clients build success and achieve innovation.  This commitment is what makes our team trusted advisors throughout the healthcare ecosystem.  Please contact us today if you want a rewarding career where you will bring our clients science to market to ensure patients have affordable access to needed products in a timely manner.

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