Our Team

Our Team

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Blue Fin Group offers a comprehensive array of services supporting all aspects of pharmaceutical commercialization. Our skills and services span strategy, tactics, processes, data and technology, allowing us to be a full advisor and project manager to our clients. We typically get involved with products that are at the end of Phase II or early Phase III but work across the lifecycle.

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Our Mission

Blue Fin Group is a management consulting firm whose mission is to collaborate with healthcare companies of all sizes and stages, enabling them to achieve their strategic, operational, and financial potential. Our passion is connecting patients to products with a keen focus on the patient journey.

Why Choose Blue Fin Group?

Multi Year Strategic Plans

Blue Fin Group focuses on long-range strategy, delivering a 5-year, multigenerational plan at the conclusion of each engagement. We guide you through a measured, defined process that organically adds value in a sustainable way. At the end of the five years is when we ask to be judged on the success of our advice. We are confident you will be pleased with the results.

Tailored Designs

We support your science, helping you build a commercial strategy that ensures affordable access to your product or service. You will receive a tailored business plan and related output structured for your unique situation. We carefully learn your organization’s particular needs, adjusting our methodology to best help you accomplish your business goals.

Experienced Teams

At Blue Fin Group, there are no sales people. The person who presents your business opportunity does the work to deliver it. Every team is staffed by 25, 15 and 5-years of experienced industry and consultant associates. This ensures the best mix of perspectives and knowledge while we design and optimize strategies to assist clients.

Our Culture

At the core of who we are is our individual authenticity, our skill in commercializing pharmaceuticals, our entrepreneurial work ethic and our ability to relate to other humans. We like to think of all the relationships across the company as a 1+1=3 combination. We are all good on our own, but we’re better together. We have each others interest in mind and we strive to continually better. At our weekly team meetings we recognize people for their support of our values, their ideas, and contributions. We are a “flat organization” meaning we don’t have hierarchy. Everyone is encouraged to connect with everyone else – regardless of level or tenure.

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Meet the Team

Our company is governed by a dynamic team of industry thought leaders and market visionaries who are committed to helping our clients and our associates reach their peak potential. Our people are well-known in the industry for their deep cross-functional knowledge of commercialization and their unique forward-looking views on industry. Blue Fin Group has no practice areas; all of our consultants are skilled within and across all areas.

Executive Team

William Roth Senior Vice President & Managing Partner, Consulting
William Roth Senior Vice President & Managing Partner, Consulting

Bill is a recognized expert on business model development in healthcare. For over 25 years, he has helped both start-ups and industry leaders improve patient care, financial health and the strategic direction of their organizations.

Bill’s unique experience, skillset and knowledge has been built by working directly with almost every type of business model across the pharmaceutical industry.

As a highly sought-after thought leader, Bill is often cited by market researchers and analysts for his accurate predictions of future trends. He speaks frequently at industry conferences and was featured on the cover of Pharmaceutical Commerce in January 2016 as a leader in the sector.

Bruce Phelan Partner
Bruce Phelan Partner

Bruce is a recognized industry expert with significant expertise in delivering consulting services and subject matter expertise to clients in the life sciences sector, including distribution and dispensing channel management, product launch, patient service, payer access designs, in the orphan/rare and complex specialty product segments enabling products and clients to grow to their maximum capability.

He has a rich background in biotechnology, immunology, cell and gene therapy and complex pharmaceuticals, and specialty pharmacy as well as healthcare leadership, marketing, strategic planning, sales, sales management, sales training, and business development in the hospital, home health and community sites of care environments.

Bruce has extensive experience in the specialty product, cell and gene, protein, monoclonal and blood-product markets, with a focus on commercialization strategy, product portfolio management, site of care delivery logistics, and patient support services for complex therapies. He applies his analytic and strategic approach to market and delivery challenges when launching, optimizing, and maintaining conventional and specialty product therapies in a variety of healthcare settings.

Reena Patel Reena Patel Partner
Reena Patel
Reena Patel Partner

Reena supports pharmaceutical manufacturers across the entire commercialization spectrum, primarily focusing on product commercialization launches, specifically strategy development and implementation around supply chain, channel and patient services, contracting, government pricing, gross to net and reimbursement/pricing. Her experience allows her to collaborate effectively with stakeholders across functional areas, delivering pragmatic, implementable full commercialization solutions across various product archetypes such as tweener, specialty and orphan/rare products.

Reena is also an expert in government pricing, contracting, compliance and an array of reimbursement topics, including helping to interpret and analyze the impact of healthcare policy areas. She also translates internal impacts to commercial customers, helping manufacturer clients interpret how their strategies will affect downstream and upstream stakeholders, building detailed gross to net (GTN) and revenue impact models.

Reena possesses the specialized professional knowledge to effectively advise clients on the complex healthcare ecosystem. Reena’s expertise is shown by her long-term relationships with clients, their in-house counsel, outside law firms, and other industry sources. She is focused on building strong, enduring relationships with her clients, and has gained their trust and confidence.

Reena holds a BS in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business from the Mayes College of Healthcare Business and Policy, University of Sciences in Philadelphia.

Jason Bogroff Jason Bogroff Partner
Jason Bogroff
Jason Bogroff Partner

Jason is one of Blue Fin Group’s longest-tenured consultants, with a 15-year track record of innovative, pragmatic strategies that help clients achieve success in their markets.

He has worked with a significant number of the major players in US healthcare, including not only every type of drug manufacturer, but also insurers, health systems, specialty pharmacies, retail pharmacies, distributors, logistics providers, business intelligence providers, specialty data aggregators, and has been a first responder in his community.

Jason leads the strategic development of, and training for, Blue Fin Group’s proprietary consulting methodology, and is excited to be leading the organization into a future built around creating compelling stories and elegant solution designs for our clients.

Jason holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University and a Master of Science with an Executive Master in Technology Management from the University of Pennsylvania.

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