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Our founder started our company after spending years working with pharmaceutical manufacturers helping them understand the full economic flow to their products. Our first client was a top 5 pharma company that wanted to overhaul their channel strategy for a $16B portfolio.

Blue Fin Group set out to create a new kind of consulting firm. We wanted a firm that could create long-range strategic plans as well as achieve short term traction against goals. So we combined the best of the larger firms in regard to people and methodology and professional consulting skills like research, analysis and design, with the best of the independents, who held deep subject matter expertise. To this we removed the concept of practice areas and created cross-functional commercial experience, helping the entire commercial team create a holistic plan.

Twenty years later, we are helping companies across all major therapeutic areas. Blue Fin Group has helped to launch multiple cell and gene therapy products, facilitated dozens of orphan and rare disease products, and engaged with a host of specialty products across the medical and pharmacy benefit reimbursement constructs. We are just as comfortable and skillful working with the top pharmaceutical companies as well as start-ups with one asset. Blue Fin Group’s core mission and focus is to look after the innovation process better than any other firm. Every day we set out to do this for clients, helping them adapt and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving pharmaceutical and life sciences marketplace.

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Before starting Blue Fin Group, our founder had been working with the top 30 pharmaceutical companies helping educate them on the flow of dollar which is something he found few leaders in industry could do across all the product types and benefit structures.

timeline pre 2001


Our first client was a top five pharmaceutical manufacturer who needed help restructuring their relationships with their direct buyers for their $16B portfolio.

timeline 2001


After working with several top 20 pharmaceutical companies, brand managers began approaching our company seeking help with Gross-To-Net optimization to get ready for impacts resulting from the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA).

timeline 2003


We began working with many large and emerging specialty manufacturers, especially with medical benefit products, to develop sound commercialization plans.

timeline 2005


We developed a way to work across pharmaceutical manufacturers to optimize the patient funnel as payers sought to apply greater restrictions to affordable access to products ensuring plans across marketing, market access, field sales, trade and distribution and patient services were aligned.

timeline 2007


With our skills sharpened in Gross-To-Net optimization, we helped a top 10 pharmaceutical company overhaul their entire $10B portfolio for Oncology, Immunology and Nephrology. We began working with emerging pharma Chief Commercial Officers to build and deploy full commercial plans.

timeline 2010


We helped launch some of the first Orphan/Rare and pioneered drugs using limited and exclusive distribution models to better fit ultra-small patient populations with higher cost therapies.

timeline 2012


We helped manufacturers develop novel commercial strategies across a vast array of benefit structures and product archetypes applying logic and policy at the portfolio and product levels.

timeline 2014


Having worked with all the nations leading associations, we were asked to predict the shape and outcome of our industry by 2030 and to account for new technologies such as Cell and Gene, Orphan and Rare, Regenerative, Nano-technology and Biosynthetics.

timeline 2016


Blue Fin Group is acquired by IntegriChain – the Largest Data and Business Process Platform for Therapy Commercialization and Access.


We work with emerging and large pharmaceutical companies to design commercial strategies for the full range of product archetypes and benefit structures.


Blue Fin Group is always looking 5 to 10 years in the future but has a sharp eye on short term execution and traction on the near termplans. Currently helping think through the change in Payer landscape as plan sponsors and patients contend with unsustainable access and affordability issues.