Blue Fin Group has broad and deep experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and we work with products from the point of innovation through a full-scale business model, designing strategies and solutions to address the specific business needs of each client.

We provide comprehensive solutions across multiple channels that offer greater transparency and more control of product flow, and greater efficiencies across the multiple stages of the supply chain. Our customized designs can be implemented by the client, but having Blue Fin Group stay through the implementation stage can yield a greater assurance of model success.

Blue Fin Group Focus Areas

Manufacturers Channels and Services Analysts, Private Equity and Vendors
Product Management Business Strategy Company Evaluations
Patient Access Business Model Design Business Strategy
Payer Strategy Product Management Marketing Strategy
Channel Strategy Disease State Services Sales Training
Commercialization Support, Market Research and Advisory Boards
Business Analytics and Insights, Data and Technology Strategy
Industry Insights: Healthcare Products, Business Models and Trends
Pricing & Reimbursement M&A Integration
Contracting OPS and GP Marketing Strategy
Patient Services & PAP Sales Training
Field Sales Strategy